A small town’s last hope

The Vis Leonis gaming group takes on the Pathfinder module “Hollow’s Last Hope”, the story of a small town on the brink of disaster and the small band of heroes that will decide their ultimate fate.

The campaign has officially started!

Season One – Hollow’s Last Hope

# Date Session
06 2014-06-21 Prisoner of War
Inside the dwarven monestary, a secrety door leads to a prison, where a new friend is met and a battle is fought.
05 2014-06-07 The Dwarven Temple Ruins
After obtaining the the second piece to the cure, our adventurers find the old ruins of a dwarven temple, the place rumored to house the elusive ironbloom mushrooms. What will they find inside?
04 2014-05-24 Cabin in the Woods
A small, ramshackle shack emanates magical energy. It once belonged to the legendary witch Ulizmila, long thought dead. The team goes on the hunt for the pickled rat’s tail root.
03 2014-05-10 Tatzlwyrm
The group finds a tree. Thoth scales it looking for the elderwood moss and finds something sinister waiting for them.
02 2014-04-26 What Does the Fox Say?
The adventurers depart for the Lumber Consortium Camp. Thoth has a startling vision. The group finds their way to the first ingredient needed for the Blackscour Taint cure. A trapped fox leads to a trap.
01 2014-04-12 Falcon’s Hollow
A plague has spread. Sheriff Baleson attempts to calm the crowds. An adventuring party reluctantly assembles. Can they band together and find the cure that will save Falcon’s Hollow?

* Malavison the Vile – Gnome sorcerer
* Valaina – Half-elf cleric
* Samspa – Human cleric
* Thoth – Half-elf druid
* Sokar – Deinonychus
* Adotiln – Dwarven paladin
* Fenria Vix – An ethereal, translucent fox spirit

Hollow's Last Hope

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