Fenria Vix

What does the fox say?


Not much is known about this fox. She was found half-dead in a bear trap on the bank of the river that splits Darkmoon Vale. Once freed, she gave her thanks and died, only to return as a rainbow of translucent color in the vague form of a fox.

She seems to be able to communicate telepathically with very limited means. It must take a lot of energy to speak across whatever dimensional plane she is straddling.

Vix knows the Vale quite well and is helping serve as a guide to aid the adventurers find the ingredients necessary to cure the Blackscour Taint in Falcon’s Hollow. She does so freely as thanks for freeing her from the trap.

Vix is secretive but has a look like she knows much more than she lets on. It is unknown whether that is normal for an above-average intelligence fox or if she really does know something.


Fenria Vix

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