House Rules

These are changes from the core Pathfinder rules that we will observe at
the table, in order to make gameplay smoother, quicker, and more
enjoyable. This list will change as time goes on, so keep checking back.
As always, everything is up to the DM’s discretion.

The (actual) house

  • Show up on time, clean up your messes, etc.
  • This is a role playing game. Role playing will be encouraged and
  • When in doubt, consult the Core Rulebook, but what the DM decides
    trumps the rules.

Character creation/leveling

  • Ability scores will be obtained with rolling 4d6, rerolling 1’s, then discarding the lowest number. As we progress and more people learn the game we will discuss going to a point buy system.
  • Hit points will be max per level for the first 4 levels, then rolling the hit die for your class will come into play.


  • Ammo such as arrows will not be strictly tracked unless it benefits
    the story or you are in a remote location where it wouldn’t make
  • Spell components won’t be strictly tracked. Instead, purchase a
    generic “bag o’ components” which will allow for infinite
    spellcraft/alchemy, etc. as long as it makes sense.
  • Spell components will be required for certain complex spells that
    would otherwise completely break the game. This will be up to the DM
    to decide.


  • Movement diagonally will ignore the weird 5, 10, 5 foot rules and
    instead each diagonal move will be 5 feet.

Ignored Rules

  • Item weight/capacity will be ignored, except in extreme cases. You
    can’t have a dwarf stuffing a piano in his pocket.
  • Food and rations will be ignored as it isn’t interesting, unless it is
    for the story.
  • Personal upkeep, i.e. urinating, bathing, etc. will be ignored. You
    don’t see it in the movies because it isn’t interesting, and we don’t
    have unlimited time to play.

House Rules

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